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Business Interpretation for Day-to-Day Operations

Our business interpretation services cover everything from meetings with clients and in-house meetings to training, presentations, accompaniment on business trips, receptions and interviews. We usually offer consecutive interpretation, but we can also provide simultaneous interpretation. Because of the high demands of everyday business, we use a simple fee structure and provide rapid-response service to facilitate smooth business operations and accurate communication in a multilingual environment.

Conference Interpretation Using Highly Skilled Professionals

Our conference interpretation services can be used for international conferences, symposiums, seminars, lectures and more.Simultaneous interpretation (including whispering) is primarily used.For large international events, we provide teams of full-time interpreters.

Quality Control

Our coordinators oversee the interpretation process, regardless of the subject matter, and manage the service quality by carefully checking each stage, including making advanced preparations, instructing the interpreters and providing assistance on the day of the project.

Comprehensive Services

With the cooperation of our other divisions, we can also provide the following services.

  • Translation of conference papers and materials into multiple languages
    Translation and production of documents for business negotiations, meetings, presentations, conferences and seminars
  • Venue preparations
    Provision and setup of simultaneous interpretation equipment and computer equipment
  • Transcription/Translation
    Transcription and translation of recordings at interviews and conferences. We also provide TV program and video tape subtitling as well as narration script writing based on the translation.