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In today's IT market, it is essential for businesses to be able to not only disseminate information at a faster pace together with evolving information technology, but also to effectively communicate their message.It goes without saying that images (such as graphs, illustrations and pictures), video and audio-enhanced visual communications are far easier to understand than text alone.We believe that effective visual communication requires effective design.
At WISE, we provide a fusion of graphic design, web design and other design services with our system development, translation and temporary staffing services.

Comprehensive Service of Planning, Production and Digital Data Management

We offer a variety of creative production services including presentation planning. Using our wealth of data management expertise, we make effective use of our complex design data to provide comprehensive data management.


Project team assembly by design type

Website/Intranet Design Graphic Design Business Document Design Digital Data Services
A planner or director manages the entire team.
Visual communications (computer graphics, illustrations, pictures, etc.) and copywriting are collectively managed.
Website designer Graphic designer Graphic designer Scan operator
Programmer Character designer DTP operator Other project members
Engineer DTP operator Other project members
Coding staff Other project members
Other project members

Supporting Your Global Business with a Variety of Professionals

Whether you are launching a new business or division that requires the services of a translator or interpreter, or are in need of full-time staff to oversee these duties, we can dispatch a project team of professionals to meet your staffing needs. We can offer proposals on how we can assist you with project management, consulting and other business services.